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The Low Light Peep Sight is like having two peep sights in one!

Service (USMC) Disabled Veteran Owned Business

low light peep

Bowhunters are also able to see the entire animal in the transparent, amber lens while still having a smaller clear area to refine your aiming point. The large viewing area also eliminates the problem of "picking the wrong pin" due to a decreased field of view. The small black ring helps define the clear area from the amber viewing area.
Our friends at Mrs. Doe Pee & Summit Archery love the Low Light Peep.

Red Hawk archery peep sights are used to harvest all types of trophies world wide.

archery peep sight
Many elk have been harvested by bowhunters using the #2020 and the #4040 peep sight. Our Pro Staffers have shot Pope and Young elk in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. Our bowhunting staff has also taken numerous trophy Whitetails and Mule Deer in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas.... well, you get the idea!

Kudu, WartHog, Impala, Duiker and many other African species have fallen prey to bowhunters using the Low Light Peep Sight..

The large, amber, acquisition aperture in the peep increases contrast during times of waning daylight and overcast days.

archery peep sight
Our bowhunting peep sight is a favorite of bear hunters and turkey hunters due to its ability to acquire the maximum amount of light during those prime archery hunting times when light is at its worst level.
Sam Collora (Mrs Doe Pee) used the Low Light Peep Sight #2020
to take one of the largest Whitetail deer in the USA.
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